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Avail the best water treatment solutions like DM Plant, Water Treatment Plant, Ultraviolet System, etc.
About Us

As there is such a scarcity of fresh water these days, the demand for numerous water treatment solutions has ramped up. Fortunately, our company, New Way Aqua Solution Private Limited, has been a market leader in water treatment systems and continues to meet their high demands. As a manufacturer and supplier, we started our business activities in the year 2022 to give the best water treatment solutions. Customers have praised us for our diverse and highly effective product line, which includes Sewage Treatment Plant, Water Treatment Plant, Nano Filtration Plant, Softener Plant, Sand and Carbon Filter Plant, Micron Filter, and many more. In addition, we also work as a service provider and provide services like AMC services, maintenance services, etc.

Our Vision

Our organisation and water resources are managed to meet future regulatory standards, water supply needs, and customer requirements. In the following communities, we want to be known as the primary choice for water, wastewater, solid waste, and organic waste services.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a complete range of high-quality, cost-effective, and long-term water treatment solutions like Nano Filtration Plant, Sand and Carbon Filter Plant, Sewage Treatment Plant, Micron Filter, Water Treatment Plant, Softener Plant, etc., to our valued clients in order to meet their unique water service delivery demands and objectives.

R&D Laboratory

Through continuous technical innovation, we are aiming to make the world a better place. In our drive to offer clean water wherever it is needed, we are embracing sustainability, economy, and flexibility. We aim for greatness via technical leadership and innovation, and our intellectual property is a vital part of that: Our patents cover a wide spectrum of treatment methods and equipment.


The most important step that a company must undertake before moving forward is planning. We conducted extensive market research in our company and discovered a number of features that should be featured in our planning system, including the following:

  • To always be respectful and honest when conducting business with the customers.
  • To ensure that each manufactured batch is subjected to the most strict quality inspections.
  • To keep our expenses under regulation so that we may continue to expand our business.
  • To conduct research into the most recent technological developments in order to expand our product line including Sewage Treatment Plant, Water Treatment Plant, Nano Filtration Plant, Softener Plant, Sand and Carbon Filter Plant, Micron Filter, etc.
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